Labeling CBD and Cannabis products presents unique needs. Rival Branding helps you conquer all of them!

Full Color Printing
Don’t put restraints on your label designers by limiting the number of colors in your label design. We print custom CBD and cannabis labels digitally. This means that your label can have unlimited colors, with no color setup charges. Our cutting edge digital label press uses seven ink colors to create just about any color you can imagine.

Unique Shapes and Sizes
Not only do we print digitally, but we also cut our labels digitally. By cutting labels digitally we are able to cut them to just about any size or shape without expensive tooling and setup charges. Need a star shape label? no problem! Digital cutting also allows us to offer quick turn around times.

Smaller Batch Sizes
We offer very low minimum order quantities giving you versatility with your labeling needs. You don’t need to worry anymore about labeling or regulations changing and getting stuck with a large inventory of now useless labels. Order only what you need, and order them when you need them. We also offer great quantity discounts when you are ready for a large bulk order.

Combine quantities of multiple versions into one order
We allow our customers to combine multiple versions of the same size and shape label into one larger order. This gets you a quantity discount that can help reduce your label cost substantially.

The right label material for Cannabis and CBD products
We offer several different label materials for cannabis and CBD products. The most popular of which is our white bopp material. White bopp is a durable plastic label material that withstands moisture and oils and provides an excellent printing surface. We finish bopp labels with either a matte or gloss lamination, giving them an extra layer of protection. We also offer clear bopp material, semi gloss paper and estate 9 (ivory colored) papers. Check out our different label materials by ordering a free sample kit.

CBD and Cannabis Label material quick guide.

White bopp: Our most popular label material by far. Excellent durability with oil and moisture resistance. Finish with a matte or gloss lamination.

White paper: The most economical choice for CBD and Cannabis labels. Not as durable or moisture resistant than white bopp. Finish with a matte or gloss lamination.

Clear bopp: Just like our white bopp material but clear. This produces a no-label look allowing more of your product to be visible. , Finish with a matte or gloss lamination.

Products from startup and growing brands must have high quality custom labels to be successful.

But, there’s a problem…

Premium color labels can be expensive
Set up charges add up and will eat into your profits
Your small quantity doesn’t meet order minimums

There can be expensive charges for custom shapes and sizes
Your might print your labels on the wrong material
Lead times can be ridiculously long

Rival Branding helps you avoid paying too much for inferior custom labels. We are the custom label choice for small businesses!

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