Hotel Room Clean and Sanitized Seals

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Let your guests know that nobody has been in their room since it was last cleaned and sanitized.

Seal the room after cleaning

Clean seals are intended to be placed on the outside of hotel room doors. The clean seal labels are designed to create a temporary seal between the door and the door frame. Place the seals after the cleaning of a hotel room, indicating to your guests that the room has not been accessed since it was last cleaned and sanitized.

Seals Tear when opened

Our Patent Pending clean seal stickers have a perforation in the middle that will force the sticker to be torn in half when the room door is opened, indicating that the room has been accessed since it’s last cleaning.

Clean seals also work great for airplane tray tables, rental car doors and more.

Patent Pending

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Get a free sample to test on your application

Clean seal stickers are made with a removable adhesive that is designed to allow the sticker to peel off easily and leave no residue. We suggest getting a sample of the material to test out on your application. To get your material sample at no charge simply click the button below. We ship from Kansas, so you can expect your sample to arrive within the week.

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Clean seal stickers on a roll

Four standard sizes or create your own custom size.

Ronald McDonald House Clean seal

3 x 8.5 inch seal

clean seal sticker

2 x 7 inch seal

clean seal 3 x 4 inches

3 x 4 inch seal

2 x 4 inch seal

Clean seal pricing

Quantity 3 x 8.5 3 x 4 2 x 4 2 x 7
250 1.13 each 1.05 each .90 each 1.09 each
500 .70 each .61 each .51 each .65 each
1000 .39 each .35 each .31 each .37 each
2000 .33 each .26 each .19 each .29 each
3000 .27 each .20 each .14 each .24 each
4000 .25 each .17 each .13 each .21 each
5000 .22 each .16 each .12 each .19 each
10,000 .19 each .14 each .10 each .17 each
15,000 .17 each .13 each .09 each .15 each
20,000 + Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
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Add remote control seals to take your cleanliness up another notch!

Remote seals add another level of assurance to your guests.  Designed for simple application and removal. These inexpensive seals are supplied on rolls and made from the same material as our hotel room clean seals.

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Remote Control clean seals

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