Remote control clean seals

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Show your guests that you have cleaned and sanitized the remote control.

Remote control clean seals offer another signal to your guests that cleanliness is priority number one. These stickers wrap around the entire remote control and can be applied in a matter of seconds by hospitality staff.

Our remote wrap stickers are specially designed for easy application. Simply set the remote control on its edge near the marks on the sticker and wrap the sticker around the front and back of the remote control.

The sticker is designed to fit just about any size remote control. Removal is just as easy. The user simply grabs the end of the sticker and tears it off of the remote control, leaving no residue behind.

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Our remote control clean seal stickers are designed to fit most remotes, but we do encourage you to test them out on your’s. Get a free sample delivered this week.

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Remote control clean seal pricing

3.5 x 9 inches is our standard size. We can, however, create custom remote seals. Please call or email for pricing.

Quantity 3.5 x 9 inches Total
250 1.10 275
500 .68 340
1000 .37 ea 370
2000 .31 ea 620
3000 .24 ea 720
4000 .22 ea 880
5000 .20 ea 1000
10,000 .17 ea 1700
15,000 .16 ea 2400
20,000 + Contact us Contact us

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