A well designed custom label will help your bath and body product stand out from the pack.

The bath and body industry is exploding. Just take a look on the shelves and you’ll see the growing list of offerings by small and large brands. Rival Branding can help your products stand out from the competition with beautiful custom labels. The label on your product is just as important as the product itself. Don’t sell yourself short with inferior quality labels.



The perfect material for bath and body product labels.

We offer a variety of label materials for your bath and body products. Our most popular material is our white bopp. White bopp is a durable, waterproof material that has excellent durability. White bopp is a plastic material (well, technically polypropylene) that has a perfect surface for digital printing. Full color artwork prints beautifully on the perfectly smooth surface of white bopp.  We offer white bopp with our standard permanent adhesive, as well as with an extra sticky adhesive for instances where the container might be wet when the label gets applied.  We finish white bopp labels with either a gloss or a matte laminate.



White Bopp

White Bopp is by far the most popular label substrate for bath and body labels. It provides a perfect smooth printing surface which results in excellent print quality and color. We finish white bopp labels with either a gloss or a matte laminate.

Moisture resistant
Best printing quality
Matte or gloss finish


Clear Bopp

Clear bopp has the same benefits and features of white bopp but is a clear material. This is a great label material if you are going for the “no label” look or to enable more of your product to be visible behind the label.

Moisture resistant
Great printing quality
Matte or gloss finish
Creates “no label” look

Estate 9 Paper

A slightly more expensive label material that offers a luxurious soft feel. Estate 9 paper is ivory in color and is not finished with a lamination. Has added  wet strength additive but is not moisture resistant.

Ivory in color
luxurious boutique feel

Silver Bopp

Silver Bopp provides a great smooth printing surface resulting in excellent printing quality. Its shiny metallic appearance allows you to simulate other metallic colors using yellow or gold in your artwork.

Moisture resistant
Simulate metallic colors
Matte or gloss finish

White Semi Gloss Paper

Our most economical label material. It offers an excellent smooth surface for great print quality. This material is not moisture resistant like bopp so it is not recommended for products that will be in constant moist conditions. Finish this material with a gloss or matte laminate.

Most economical
Excellent print quality

White Matte Litho

A white paper with a smooth finish.  The matte coating on this paper provides an excellent surface for printing.  This material is not moisture resistant like bopp but offers a great economical choice while providing a smooth writable surface




Smooth matte finish

writable surface