Your candles deserve the very highest quality custom labels.

A high quality custom label for your candles will help separate your brand from the pack. In fact, the labels that goes on your candle can be the biggest reason a custom will purchase your candle, or put it back on the retail shelf.

We print labels for many different types of candles; from small inexpensive candle tins to larger and expensive boutique candles. Each of these candle brands have different requirements for their custom labels. Rival Branding is here to help you select the most appropriate label material and finishing option.

Get an instant price for your candle label project.

We will help you select the best label material and finish for your candles.

We offer a wide selection of label materials including plastics, gloss papers, textured papers and more. If you are not sure what label material to use we will help guide you. We recommend starting by ordering our label material catalog. This catalog contains printed samples of every label material that we offer, allowing you to touch and feel the materials first hand. Many of our materials can be finished with a matte or gloss lamination to give your candle label and extra "pop" and protective layer.

Our Three Most Popular Materials for Candle Labels


White Bopp

The White bopp is one of the most popular label materials for candles. It provides a perfect smooth printing surface which results in excellent print quality and color. We finish white bopp labels with either a gloss or matte laminate. Bopp has excellent water and oil resistance. 

White Semi Gloss Paper

Our most economical label material. Like bopp, it offers an excellent smooth surface for great print quality. We recommend finishing with a gloss or matte laminate for added protection and durability.

Estate 9 Paper

Estate papers offer a luxurious feel to your labels. Estate 9 is ivory in color and is not finished with a lamination, giving your labels a high quality boutique feel. Estate 9 is a great choice for an upscale look.  We also offer Estate 4, Estate 8 and Classice Crest Solar white.

Not sure what label material to use on your candles?

Our sample book contains printed samples of every material that we offer.  You can even peel them of and test them on your containers.  We do charge a small amount for the sample books, but its definitely worth it, and they ship for free!