When you are creating the concept for your candle container and labels be sure to include a candle safety label. Safety labels are placed on the bottom or the back of your container. It is an important symbol to your buyers that you care about their safety and are following the industry’s guidelines. The National Candle Association is a great resource for warning labels that every candle maker should follow.
This label is also a great spot to place a barcode, the name of the candle manufacturer and the location of manufacture. The labels can be printed in black and white or in full color. Many candle makers create one safety label that is used for all of their different scents and SKU’s. This allows them to purchase one larger batch and take advantage of larger quantity pricing.
The majority of the safety labels we produce are printed on our standard white bopp material. White bopp material has permanent adhesive finished with a gloss or matte laminate.
The safety label is an inexpensive addition to your packaging that adds a large amount of consumer confidence and brand value.

The 3 images you should include on your candle's safety label

Images courtesy of the National Candle Association and Candel Fire Safety Labeling from ASTM.org


Keep Away from Children

Keep Away from Cumbustibles

Burn Within Sight


The National Candle Association provides links to these safety graphics in three different formats so that candle manufacturers can incorporate them into their candle labels.